Friday, March 06, 2020


1000 Red Wine Haikus (2005-2020) by Lane Steinberg. Coming soon.


Rick Sanford said...

wet lips, slightly red
bits of cork float to the top
big stain on my shirt.

Anonymous said...

Lane, just looking at redwine again. I spun down quickly and found this lovely piece:
Vina Pomal Rioja Riserva (Spain) 1997
Underneath the bull
It can sometimes smell like this
Secrets of the barn

I'm not saying this is my favorite -- yet. But it's what I love in haiku. A haiku, when it works, is a little epiphany. And this achieves that. The poem is commenting on wine, but it works powerfully without the wine. Erase the poem's title, and the other meaning of the poem comes sharply into focus. The reference in the poem to the wine is the lone word this. Take away the title and the wine reference, and "this" becomes a myserious, potent odor. But what is it? Who dares to smell it, to find himself beneath the bull? Not I.

Anonymous said...

"You may be right, I may be crazy," said Stevie from the deep ditch.

Sloth said...

Congratulations on being featured on the Wine Lover's Page.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to be unpregnant to try the Red Bicyclette. Your haikus are lovely.

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Stoopidgirl said...

(Haiku for you)
random blog crashing
while drinking red wine is fun
where is my wine bottle?

I'm amazed I found this blog while sucking down a glass of cheap Rosemount Estates' Shiraz Cabernet 2004 $5.99

anna said...

ravenswood i got
2002 zinfandel
made me sick, tis true.

check out movie haiku site!
haiku sites unite!
(wish I wrote that in haiku)

Anonymous said...

great fun.
hope you don't mind that we linked from our under-the-cork page to you.

pirano said...

Great stuff, Lane, Thanks! Alas, there are some wines that don't even deserve 17 syllables... Also linked at .


"L'état, c’est moi." said...

I really enjoy your wine haiku reviews, but would it be possible for you to date the haiku's so I know when I'm looking at new ones?


anish said...

great haikus. thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Lane, I just read about your haiku on who read about you in an LA Times article. I love it.

Would you mind if I used your Guilliams haiku on our site? We are an illinois based distributor and sell Guilliams. We have always liked how thier wines change with air time and you captured it. We are at Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Excellent wine blog
Happy thirsty song-writer
I'll keep reading on

Just added a link to your page along with my tribute haiku...

K said...

Hi! I have selected you as 'quote of the week' on my blog. You used the word 'sublime'...and out of all the other bloggers that used that word, your words were chosen. Therefore, you have the honor of choosing the word that next weeks winner must use. I would love for you to participate.

If you would like, please go to my blog and to the "Quote of the Week #6" post and give your word for next week in the comments.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hi there,is anybody too young to enjoy good wine?

The Lone Beader® said...

Egglant parmesan
With two meatballs on the side
Thirsty for red wine:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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mikethewineo said...

I would love to link to your site if you add a lnk to mine.

Jarcened said...

Wow! Long list of fascinating stuffs. One interests me the most is this:

26)Domaine De La Solitude (Rhone, France) 2000 Minty pepper ghost.

I could drink this every day
And never get bored. I wish I could bought one of that again, its my last missing component for my sweet romantic dream date from webdate_dot_com. Anyway, nice blog.

Anonymous said...


Eduard said...

Muy bueno. Esperamos más posts ;-)


Yzerfontein said...

Blood-red wine...just watch out for the mechanically harvested chameleons.

Anonymous said...

Love your commentaries, Lane. Posted you among only a couple links at spiritofwine on blogspot.

Anonymous said...

Just wrote a post about this and thought I'd share since you were in it. I'm a wine writer who avoids writing wine reviews, a poet who skips over the haiku.

Tasting notes scare me
due to my humble palate.
Haikus give me hope.

Anonymous said...

moved by the 2003 Mora Negra by Finca Las Moras in Argentina to write my first Haiku on a cold Friday night in Glasgow ...

pure and violet tinged
a purple temple is made
until drunkeness.

Anonymous said...

With the multitude of alcohol-related horror stories in the news these days it seems to me that you and other wine lovers (and wine tasters) need to get your message out to more people. Let people know that drinking wine in moderation has been shown to have many health benefits. Spread the news about the fun and good times you have experienced with wine drinking and wine tasting :-)

Anonymous said...

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sansakana - peter said...

A fresh glass of zin
She walks by in a red dress
My senses explode

So glad to find another wine haiku site! Our young winery, San Sakana Cellars, has a wine haiku section dedicated to the interplay of wine and life, love, lust, and food! I love your haiku and would love to cross link if we can -- please visit us at

Peter (Fish C)

Anonymous said...

Hi, loved your haiku for Rock Rabbit Syrah 2003 - I quoted it in my writeup. It's one of the nicest inexpensive Syrahs I've tried lately.


Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Creative blogger,
Your reviews and words thrill me.
I wrote about you!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon this great video of the Nantucket Wine Festival. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, thank you.

Anonymous said...


I have gone through your websites mentioning the interests on haiku. I cant help but to share interest with you, as I have just written a book on haiku titled “Antologi Haiku 2006”. Its actually a book on Japanese haiku written in Malay with English and Japanese translation. If you would like to know more about it, don’t hesitate to visit my weblog at:

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Wine Enjoyer said...

Love the poetry. I hope you don't mind that I linked you from my new blog, nicewines. OK, I must give it a try... re: 2002 Cimicky Trumps

Barossa Valley 1811
British, French
Boom, boom

Germans march in
Vines climbing, Grapes ripening
Explosion in my mouth - shaboom

Anonymous said...

So how do I shoot you an email to get on your haiku mailing list? I looked for a link...never saw one. I actually mentioned to Alder that haikus would be great for wine blogging Wednesday. Then, I discovered your site.

momoko said...

nice wine blog
nice article
keep it up

Janet said...

don't know wine that well
but the haiku is faboo
your verse is yummmy

Anonymous said...

I too, Haiku.

msvianca said...

Lots of red wine haikus, I can't make a unique one. lol!

Andy said...

Very nice article, Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I like californian s wine but i prefer burgundy from France

Unknown said...

Bleach 218 sub is out at Bleach Shippuuden

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection of haikus. I just finished my compilation of haiku anthology in 2007. Regards from Malaysia.

scorching sun of May
sprucing umbrellas and shades
all the brown people

Christopher Watkins said...

Totally brilliant, I love it! I've been posting about Ancient Chinese and Japanese poetry that references wine (Li Po, Han Shan, Issa, Sung P'o, etc.) on our blog, and was fishing around for wine-themed Haiku when I stumbled across your blog. Again, I love it! I'm going to add this to our blogroll, and mention it in a post as well. Kudos!


Christopher Watkins
Tasting Room Manager
RIDGE Vineyards/Monte Bello

Editor said...

Inspiring blog.

Visit my site~

Alberto said...

I love this haiku and red wine!!
I'm Alberto from Italy and I have just began to write my own blog about haiku..

tell me waht you think!

FunkyGrape said...

So truthfully commical. I love your ability to put a poetic spin on wine tasting.

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Anneka Gerhardt said...

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That was a long list! Cheers!

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WineReviewsInIreland said...

Great concept. This will make for some great bed time reading...with a glass of red wine of course!

dancilhoney said...

There is a pleasure in READING about dry red wine, especially old ones, even if the reader will never actually taste the subject of a column. Keep writing about interesting things, please.

SweetRedWines said...

But where are the dornfelders?

Anonymous said...

So many of these are beautifully written, Lane. This just gave me one more reason to admire your many talents. Okay, not just one, more like several hundred. ~ Michael Dill